Robotics is the future of your warehouse too

Are you facing a lack of workers,
rising labour costs and pressure to increase
efficiency in your warehouse?
Industrial robotics may be the answer
automation using robots.

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Are you facing a lack of workers, rising labour costs and pressure to increase efficiency in your warehouse?

Industrial robotics may be the answer
automation using robots.

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Are you dealing with a labour shortage?

The logistics industry is undergoing a huge boom. The e-commerce industry has to meet the demand of customers who rely on the fast delivery of goods. The biggest pitfall comes when securing a good-quality workforce to handle the logistics of the goods.

It is also one of the industries that sees the highest employee turnover. Often these are less skilled jobs, so finding a replacement may not seem too much of a challenge. However, those who are in the logistics industry and have experienced this situation will certainly disagree vociferously. As with any recruitment, there are considerable costs associated with acquiring warehouse workers. Recruitment and subsequent training costs a company up to hundreds of thousands a year. The training process is greatly facilitated by having a quality WMS in place that guides the storekeeper’s steps and gives them precise commands. This means it can take a matter of days to familiarize a storekeeper with the process rather than many months. However, if you want to see significantly better results, you should start thinking about full warehouse automation.

A smart and flexible warehouse is fully automated

We will take care of fully automating your warehouse. We will analyse the input data and do a dynamic simulation of operations with robots. We will propose the most suitable type of robots and coordinate the conversion of your warehouse. We will provide turnkey delivery, installation and commissioning. Together with the robots, you will also get a comprehensive solution for goods handling, racking and warehouse systems. Only specialized experts will remain in your warehouses. You will reduce warehouse operation times, increase performance and reduce errors.

It’s time to let the robots amongst your racks

Use your warehouse 24/7 and don’t be limited by a lack of workers

Speed up picking
by at least 300%

Reduce the number of
storekeepers by up to 2/3

Increase storage density by at least 100% and get more space for goods

Have a return on
investment of 1 to 3 years

You can buy, rent or operate the robots under SaaS or RaaS

Robots in your warehouse

Automation and robotics can be divided into 3 areas depending on what is handled in the warehouse.


Handling the goods individually or in packaging such as blister packs, boxes, specific products in sales packaging or larger packaging.

The most commonly used are:

  • Lucus type cooperative robots
  • robots handling the shelves
  • robotic arms

Crates or cartons

Handling takes place, for example, with KLT-type crates or paper cartons containing larger quantities of assorted goods.

The most commonly used are:

  • automatic paternoster type stackers
  • elevator systems
  • robots for handling crates
  • conveyors


The goods are stored in cartons on a pallet and typically just the EUR pallet is handled.

The most commonly used are:

  • automated pallet fork lift
  • a pallet AGV
  • fully automated warehouses
  • lift systems and shuttle trolleys

Logistics showroom and testing centrum

You can see our robots and automated solutions in action at our showroom. We are a founding member of the Association for Innovation in Logistics and work with our partners to operate the showroom, so you can find the latest technologies all in one place, technologies that can be deployed in your warehouse.

The showroom is located in the logistics
centre in Paskov near Ostrava.

If you want to have a look around, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do you get with our solution?

A feasibility study, an analysis of the performance and volume parameters, a calculation of the return

A logistics study of a comprehensive solution or an audit of the existing situation with a proposal for changes

System integration – a comprehensive turnkey solution

The delivery of individual parts according to your needs and scope - WMS (mySTOCK), iWES, G2P, RMS

The reliable integration of all your systems ERP, WMS, B2B or B2C e-shop portals

The supply of a wide range of robots and the associated technologies

Fast and efficient implementation thanks to ready-made solutions

The option of favourable financing, renting or an SaaS and RaaS model

A good-quality warranty and after-sales service with an option of up to 24/7/365

Assistance when filling in applications for subsidies to acquire modern technologies

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